'Hype' might be more likely built up around the latest boyband, but many emerging technologies also rely on good marketing to bring in investment and support. Science might not get the queues (apart from the Apple store) but in the same way Apple has fumbled with the iPhone 6, many technologies are subject to a major backlash.
Impostor Syndrome describes the status of feeling like you don't know as much as you think you know on a given subject, that those around you know infinitely more, and that you might be found out as a fraud at any minute. Sound familiar? It's a problem from which even the most successful and outwardly confident people suffer.
The late writer Christopher Hitchens wrote that when you come to New York, you go to bed an hour later and wake up an hour earlier, and I can confirm this anecdotally myself. Noradrenaline is the key 'wake-up' drug of the brain and it may be that the shear repeated novelty and stimulus of this great city is chemically flooding my brain with this brain-protecting substance.