This move is in response to late payment of Unisa fees by NSFAS as well as a problem with the myUnisa website.
NSFAS rules are pretty clear that students "may not redeem food, books or private accommodation vouchers" for cash.
Universities as products of society resemble all of South Africa's atrocities.
The students say poor conditions at the residences and problems with the payout of some students' Nsfas allowances led to the protests.
The nature of our economic system in South Africa and globally indicates that higher education is critical to economic participation.
This is what we know for sure about how free education will be implemented in South Africa.
This comes after a baseless rumour circulated that applications were reopened.
Free education plan explained by the CEO of the Centre for Emerging Researchers.
'We believe all public universities will invest all their energy and creativity to make this epoch-making system work.'
Footing the bill for your tertiary education and training isn't a walk in the park.