I sincerely hope that the government will choose to face up to reality and admit that it is wrong. They cannot choose to ignore students any longer. I hope that they will instead engage with us, so that, together, we can build a fairer, more accessible model for education funding - one that can genuinely deliver the kind of teaching quality and overall experience that our students really deserve.
This is a small battle in a huge conflict. It is a conflict between a state that provides for, nurtures and empowers it citizens, and a free-market, free-for-all that leaves all but a few worse off, that erodes notions like collective effort and genuine altruism and replaces them with individual greed and cut-throat competition.
One major objective of secularism is to balance everyone's religious rights and freedoms fairly. This naturally includes the rights and freedoms of the non-religious and those of minority religions. Yet Mr Pickles chooses to portray this as secularists trying to "impose" their "politically correct intolerance" on others.
According to a comprehensive new study undertaken by the Church of England to discover the factors related to spiritual and numerical.. church growth, our 'National Church' is in decline because generations of church goers are not being replaced.