Nuclear Power

Britain and France are to sign a landmark agreement to co-operate on civil nuclear energy, paving the way for the construction
Scientists are on the case after a mysterious white cobweb was discovered on nuclear waste at a US facility. There are fears
Forget the Arab Spring, we now seem to be in a serious winter of discontent with Israel warning of possible Iranian attacks on Jewish facilities worldwide. This comes as speculation continues to mount that Israel will go it alone in attacking Iran's nuclear plants. However, such speculation has been surfacing for five years.
Iran's attempts to acquire nuclear weapons have long been discussed by politicians and commentators alike. However, the International Atomic Energy Agency report from earlier this month may speed up the likelihood of a diplomatic incident or even perhaps war.
The British government is cutting its financial ties with Iranian banks over fears about the country's nuclear programme
Greenpeace has called on the UK and other countries not to work with the nuclear industry after energy giant EDF was found
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is due to publish its long-awaited report on Iran this week, with leaks published
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On Thursday, Chris Huhne admitted in a speech at the Royal Society the UK government has made a consistent foul-up on nuclear