Nude Photos

Today something happened. Something which I need to get off my chest.... I got sent a nude pic of some guy - front facing (you get the idea) - via the usually oh-so-tame social networking site, Twitter. And to say it was completely unexpected would be an understatement.
Over the years since I left the adult industry, I have hidden my body away. I covered up. I got more conservative as befits a mother, or so I thought. And I lost some of my sense of self. I lost some sense of myself as a beautiful, sexual woman. I lost connection to a certain part of myself.
Explicit images taken with the photo sharing app SnapChat have reportedly been intercepted via a third party app and leaked
By now we've all probably seen Kim Kardashian's Instagrammed butt... The whole issue lies in what people consider to be appropriate behavior for a mother, especially a new mother. We are supposed to be off nursing our baby, feeding our baby, shopping for our baby, loving our baby. That is all. How dare we wish to express ourselves as women? And especially as sexy women!
Normally we wouldn't advocate looking at pictures of naked dancers, but these photographs are perfectly safe for work. They're
By now, most of you will have heard about (or possibly even seen) the Tulisa "sex tape". As is the nature of these things, the story spread fast, and Tulisa has been unique in her swift response: getting an immediate injunction in a bid to stem the humiliation of an intimate moment becoming glaringly public.
I have often felt anger at judgments made toward strippers or nude models or porn actresses. The people who argue that what "those" women do is wrong, but that what Sports Illustrated models or fashion magazine cover girls do is acceptable. Who is to say which does more harm?