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By contrast, Virgin Active and EasyGym said they “welcomed” members to use changing rooms of the gender they identify with.
The ancient practice of mindful eating can enable us to enjoy the food we eat, maintain a healthy weight, and avoid a whole
I'll never forget sitting with my friend in the hospital and being told that it was cancer. Being diagnosed was the scariest experience of my life. Still, to this day I really find it difficult to express how much of a shock it was, just because you hear stories all the time and the word 'cancer' fills you with fear. You think, 'it won't happen to me'.
How do you feel when you get out of bed each morning? In great shape and ready to face the day or do you have an underlying niggle, a pain you've never been able to address? Unfortunately, for many of us it is the latter. What do you tend to do about it? If your answer is nothing, then you are one of many people who are ignoring regular pain.
To really address our nation's mental health, change is crucial; that means it must be considered on par with physical health by all of us, and we should approach our own wellbeing and address treatment in the same way too.
Research shows that achieving the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week by moving 12 minutes more a day could prevent lifestyle diseases
In a country where we are well on our way to having an obesity epidemic, we can't afford for people who are actively trying to get fitter and healthier to be deterred from doing so just because some people are unsure what is and isn't the right, safe way to behave when exercising.
The economic downturn is taking its toll on the nation’s health as almost a third of Brits confess they are more likely to
The Government is right to offer NHS patients with PIP implants removals free of charge, a leading plastic surgeon said today