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Moving into a new home where a cat is already ruling the roost is not something that happens on a regular basis, however, it could happen. Therefore, I'm here to offer some feline tips to anyone who is facing a similar situation... including Theresa May.
A Conservative MP has defended his High Court battle to block Brent Council from giving the freedom of the borough to Nelson
If you are an intelligent person, you form your own opinion when you read the news. You understand that certain papers have certain agendas and you interpret articles accordingly. You take things with a pinch of salt. But not until I joined the recent trade delegation to China, did I realise just how politicised - and hence inaccurate - news becomes.
Number 10 has been in a right cat flap following claims that Larry the Downing Street cat is disliked by the Cameron family
David Cameron's advisors could not contain their fury at Labour's decision not to back military action in Syria until after
I am deeply disturbed by the volume of misogynistic vitriol being spouted by certain members of the British public in the wake of Margaret Thatcher's death. What disturbs me the most is not that people are aggressively disagreeing with her politics, but that people are genuinely rejoicing at the death of another person - a mother and a grandmother.
A minister appointed to act as David Cameron's link man to the parliamentary party in a surprise mini-reshuffle insisted
David Cameron, who has admitted to being a fan of the show in the past, embraced 'X Factor' fever as the trio treated the
David Cameron dug deep on Thursday to make his contribution to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. The prime minister
They aren't the first to kick off outside Downing Street. But this early morning cat fight was something else. Cat fight