Are you thinking about becoming a student nurse? Maybe you're a reader of my student nurse blog wondering why we do what we do. Because there are secrets about nursing school that no open day will talk about...
I am confused and unhappy most of the time. I stopped going to school after I had my baby. Now I just stay at home, alone, doing nothing. I have no money, no friends and no one to turn to. The most painful is not working and having people think that I don't want to work, that I just want to sit here and take benefits.
Figures released last week by The Health Foundation painted a pretty bleak picture of the impact of Brexit on the NHS - they
For many thousands of people, Ebola isn't over. It was a trigger that has sparked so many other issues - homelessness, unemployment, poverty - that will be felt in Sierra Leone for years to come unless its people receive ongoing support to get back on their feet. Without help to rebuild their businesses and get their children back into schools, many more people to come will fall victim to the Ebola crisis.
Nurse Pauline Cafferkey hit the headlines in December 2014 when she became the first person in the UK to be diagnosed with
A stranger asked why she would want to 'wipe people's asses for a living'.
A student’s heartfelt message defending the hard work of NHS staff after a stranger asked why she wanted to be a nurse and
Our study suggests that the NHS needs to focus on achieving safe registered nurse staffing levels as a means to achieve better outcomes for patients. Anything less won't do.
A Student Nurses First Experience of Volunteering First Aid to the Refugees of Calais. Part 3: Humanity Please note, the
The first aid caravans were organised into a triangle with a small space in the middle where patients could wait for their