When baby Jackson started struggling to breathe, his mum Maximilla searched frantically for help in Lodwar County Hospital
Are you thinking about becoming a student nurse? Maybe you're a reader of my student nurse blog wondering why we do what we do. Because there are secrets about nursing school that no open day will talk about...
Most people become politicians because they want to change something, to make the world a better place. The fun part of being a minister - and there can't be many - is devising and announcing new policies. But in the Westminster bubble, seeing the steady stream of new announcements, it's easy to forget that nothing actually happens when you announce a policy.
When did you last think about Congo? For those of a certain generation it probably reminds you of Um Bongo, the super-sweet
I think many of us remember where we were on 31 August 1997, when the news of the tragic, sudden death of Diana, Princess
One thing which really bothers me are scandalmongers who look to do nothing but cause trouble. I call them busybodies, and the trade unions calling for strikes across the board over the 2013 1% pay cap are the personification of busybodies.
'Everyone who works in the NHS should be worried by the possible consequences of Brexit.'.
Britain’s shortage of nurses and midwives could increase by 20,000 by 2020 if trends following last year’s Brexit referendum
Nurses are furious with Theresa May’s claim that giving them a pay rise would be spending money on “this, that and the other