Nursing Careers

Analysis reveals ethnic minority, older students put off by debt
The NHS needs this generation to help it grow and evolve, and cope with an ever-increasing demand or its services
Teaching is a demanding and important profession and teachers’ pay should reflect this. At the moment, it doesn’t. A pay rise for all public sector workers is long overdue.
'As a mental health nurse, I’m now actually talking to staff because they’re getting so stressed out by the pressure'.
Should tattoos be used as the basis for lifesaving treatment decisions?
Recently, medical professionals were stumped when an elderly gent presented to America’s Miami University Hospital drunk
There's been a 67% rise in the number leaving the register in the past year.
The number of EU nurses and midwives wanting to work in the UK is continuing to fall, with new figures showing a 67% rise
'They just couldn’t cope if suddenly everyone decided to leave.'
The NHS could “go under” unless European Union staff are given reassurances about their future after Brexit, the head of
Read more on The Huffington Post ‘Policies don’t add up’ Janet Davies, chief executive of the RCN, poured cold water on the