NUS conference

From now on, I am confident that NUS will no longer offer insincere apologies to Jewish students to bolster their out of touch political policies. From now on, NUS can transform to a movement that works with us, not just as lip service but because they genuinely care about us. From now on, I truly believe that NUS will stop shutting Jewish students out the room, but let us lead on antisemitism to revolutionise this movement.
We won't win free education overnight; it will take long years of debate, proving the public value of higher education to the public and we will need to tackle the issue of access to education, so a mature student from Tower Hamlets has the same chance of getting into UCL as their 18 year-old counterpart from Richmond.
For the first time ever, candidates running for the National Union of Students positions have been asked how they intend
Having been a welfare, equality and diversity sabbatical officer at Leeds Met Students' Union and a liberation officer at NUS I have been, work with and worked for all student sections closely. I have ensured that they are well represented within any work I have done and that we have genuine and open dialogue between the LGBT campaign and the sections.