nutrition for growth summit

If we get this right, my great-great-granddaughter won't be witnessing the end to malnutrition, I will. And so will you.
That said, we have to remember that while money is necessary, it is not sufficient on it's own to tackle undernutrition. Last year was also an opportunity to share best practices, learn from each others successes and share new innovations that could bolster nutrition efforts.
The 1,000 days between the start of a mother's pregnancy and her baby's second birthday are an especially crucial time to protect against these dangers. If babies don't get the proper nutrition during those 1,000 days, their brains will never fully develop. After that, the devastating truth is that the damage can never be undone - no matter how many vaccines they get or how much time or money is invested in their education.
What does it mean at the village level when researchers, business, UN agencies, civil society and other sectors collaborate to reduce micronutrient deficiency? It means fewer children falling sick. Fewer adults too fatigued to work. Fewer mothers dying in childbirth.
The London Nutrition for Growth Summit provides a golden opportunity to forge a partnership to provide comprehensive nutritional cover for adolescent girls and all women of reproductive age. If we can do this in London, then we have a genuine opportunity to consign stunting to the pages of history, once and for all.