If Ajay Gupta has fled to Dubai, it will be difficult to extradite him.
Three more instances of apparent money laundering involving the Guptas have been discovered, while KPMG was auditing the firms involved.
What were they were brought in to do, why were they allowed to do it and what accountability is there now for their clients?
They had a smarmy, smug neocolonial attitude when I met them, writes our editor-at-large.
Chief executive of Bell Pottinger, James Henderson, released this statement today.
Here is the unedited, full report by a London-based law firm into Bell Pottinger's work for the Gupta family. Read it and judge for yourself.
The controversial PR firm has released findings into an independent investigation into its work for the Guptas' Oakbay.
Behind the scenes of the ANN7/TNA deal, there is speculation that Manyi is fronting for the Guptas.
The controversial UK public relations firm has apologised to South Africa . . . but the country ain't buyin' their grovelling.