Obama gay marriage

One of the prevailing (lazy) arguments against gay marriage is "how am I supposed to explain that to my kids?". Jimmy Kimmel
In a shocking turn of events, gay people can now get married in the USA quicker than they can buy a sub-machine gun. Jimmy
On Friday, a bill opening marriage and adoption to same-sex couples passed the French Senate, following a week of intense
Very few today would welcome a return to the days when homosexuality was the 'disease' that dare not speak its name. In much of Britain today, same-sex relationships are fast-becoming a matter of shoulder-shrugging ordinariness. If secular society is moving away from discrimination on the basis of sexuality, it seems many Christians are also beginning a journey of their own in the same direction. If the Church of England insists on 'this far and no further', it might find itself cut adrift from the life of the nation, and from very many people of faith.
If you fell asleep during the 22 words he used before he got to the point, in a nutshell, it was "Whatever dude, they're in love, stop harshing their buzz". All of which is entirely awesome and momentous to anyone with a brain, obviously.