Obama inauguration

A 15-year-old girl who performed in the recent festivities for President Barack Obama's inauguration has been shot dead. Hadiya
Since the presidency is the closest thing Americans have to royalty, this event is a celebration of power and pride. But instead of being for the President only, it honours the process. 
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What a week! Especially if you love or hate Europe. Or America. Yes, David Cameron announced Tory plans for an EU referendum
Oh, joy! As expected, the Bad Lip Reading team have turned their hands to Obama's second inauguration. And it is, to quote
Oh, dear. Actor James Franco's poem wot he wrote to mark Barack Obama's inauguration - 'Obama In Asheville' - has hit the
Hurrah! The first - as far as we know - video parody of Barack Obama's second inaugural address has hit the internets. And
Barack Obama was formally sworn in for a second term as America's 44th president on Monday in front of hundreds of thousands
We'll all remember where we were when the communist Muslim Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United
Eva Longoria also showed her support for Obama Alicia Keys later joined the President and his wife Michelle at the Inauguration