Obesity crisis

What are we to do about the UK's weight problem? Last week the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt called for some 'real national soul-searching' on the issue, and on Monday, a report from the National Obesity Forum (NOF) painted a grim picture.
For overweight people, varicose veins are also more difficult to assess and treat. Vein issues are usually diagnosed by a duplex ultrasound scan - this non-invasive investigation can 'see' under the skin and locate the faulty vein.
It's the sort of news that will have government health officials slapping their palms to their foreheads, but two newly published
Someone will probably think I'm over reacting, but when you are constantly told day in and day out that you need to put weight on, and people look at you like you purposely starve yourself, it does get irritating; and I'm sure there are larger people out there who feel the same about people staring and talking about them.
In a bid to tackle the growing obesity crisis in the UK, a new front-of-pack food label is being rolled out to enable shoppers
The likelihood of adults developing obesity and many other health problems might be determined in the womb, according to
Rising levels of obesity in middle age could cause a major rise in the number of dementia sufferers, researchers have warned
Celebrity chefs are "exacerbating" the country's obesity crisis by encouraging people to eat fatty dishes, a new study has
Former contestant on The Apprentice Katie Hopkins has caused outrage on Twitter after saying that she would not employ someone
On Monday a report called 'Measuring Up' was released by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges which outlined 10 suggestions
As an obesity crisis looms in the UK, with one in four adults thought to be obese, medical experts are calling on the government
Strangely enough, according to some commentators, the health impacts of this scandal could actually have been positive, with the lean horsemeat making the burgers healthier. But somehow I don't think this was done with our health in mind.
Willpower is overrated. A lack of it is not the reason why we are suffering an obesity crisis. We think willpower is the answer because we still think that depriving yourself on a diet is the only way to lose weight. It isn't.
David Cameron has been criticised for eating too much junk food by an American medical association, who believe the PM is
A government initiative to tackle obesity and improve public health is "overly reliant" on voluntary agreements with the
British women are the fattest in Europe, an EU report has revealed. Almost a quarter (23.9%) of women in Britain are classed
A talking plate that warns people to eat more slowly when they wolf down their food is to be used in an NHS initiative, to
There are many, many reasons why people are fat; the multitude of reasons does not have one easy solution. But not bullying fat people is a very good place to start.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Workers are being urged to take more physical activity after a new study found more than two out of
Health experts have warned that the government should tax unhealthy foods or half of the population will be obese by 2030