obesity epidemic

Genes are largely to blame for bulging waistlines, a study has found. While diet plays a key role in obesity, some people
There is "inadequate" provision to treat obese patients in the NHS, a report suggests. Experts said the healthcare system
Farmers may have caused the obesity epidemic by using antibiotics to fatten up livestock, according to a study. Researchers
If you’ve got a craving for an afternoon calorific chocolate bar or you’re thinking about ordering a greasy takeaway for
A natural ingredient found in milk could help tackle obesity, as it prevents weight gain by burning fat in the body - even
A chronically obese teenager cut free from her home by workmen after she grew too big to go outside remained in hospital
Britain's fattest teenager was cut out of her house on Thursday by scaffolders, builders and Fire and Rescue services after
American researchers have discovered that those who have a soy protein-rich diet reduce the amount of ‘fatty deposits’ that
As if a slice of cheese-drenched pizza wasn’t calorific enough, Pizza Hut have unveiled its latest stuffed crust upgrade
A talking plate that warns people to eat more slowly when they wolf down their food is to be used in an NHS initiative, to