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Part of Istanbul has been turned into a war zone after riot police unleashed tear gas and water cannon on protesters that
I turn back into the main street and approach the riot officers. "What are you doing here? Open your bag!" shouts one of them. "I'm a journalist," I say, waving my press card. He grabs my arm, opens up my bag and pulls out my gas mask: that's all the proof he needs.
It's late evening when I receive a text from someone I was sitting with earlier. "Police are coming, things are starting, watch out, we're running..." In front of me in Taksim Square, riot policemen are assembling alongside the infamous 'TOMA' riot control vehicles. Between them and thousands of heckling protesters, a group of activists are joining hands to form a human chain.
The handcuffs are digging into my wrists. To my left a riot policeman is rough-handling a young detainee who can't stop crying. It's hot, I haven't eaten for hours, and I don't have my press card. Istanbul was supposed to be a stopping point on my way to visit my grandparents. I never thought I'd end up in police custody in front of a man insinuating that I was linked to a deadly bombing.
Further clashes have erupted on the streets of Ankara and Istanbul as the Turkish prime minister held a huge rally in front
Istanbul's Taksim Square, the scene of restive anti-government protests, has been sealed off by police after demonstrators
Hundreds of Turkish police clashed with protesters in Taksim Square, Istanbul on Tuesday. Rioters attacked the authorities
Turkish police used tear gas against the protesters in Taksim Square on Tuesday as protesters unleashed Molotov cocktails
Turkish police have stormed into Istanbul's Taksim Square, firing water cannon and rubber bullets into the air, leading to
People who say that the Gezi resistance is more than defending a couple of trees are absolutely right. But, do not think this is something new. If it were, it would not rage across Turkey so rapidly. There is a 'Gezi Park' in every city. That's why this movement - which started in İstanbul, spread so easily around the republic.