occupy London stock exchange

The mess that became of Finsbury wasn't a failure of Occupy, but of the state; of Cameron and Clegg's ideological austerity. When these people came, they were not turned away. They were welcomed in from a city and state that tried to hide them in ally's, desperate to show the world a shiny façade for the Jubilee and the Olympics.
Anti-capitalist protesters said they had "fulfilled" a goal when they moved into Paternoster Square, home to the London Stock
It's cold in the Occupation Records office - a UBS-owned building on Sun Street, now occupied by the activities of Occupy London. I drag myself out of the warmth of my bed - a half deflated air mattress and a bundle of sleeping bags - and reach for my phone whose ring has demanded I get up.
Occupy London has had its fair share of publicity; from "empty tents" to clergy resignations, the camp has been dogged by
Not one person has left the protest camp outside St Paul's Cathedral since a legal eviction notice was served giving them
A number of anti-capitalism protesters have been arrested by police after gathering outside London's Guildhall during the
No modern police service can refuse to engage in dialogue with the citizens they are there to protect and Facebook is just a relatively recent way for the police to talk to the public. If they choose to start deleting intelligent questions that question their policies and behaviour then they may as well forget about counting on the public - the people who pay their salaries - for support.
Assembling a 10,000-strong demonstration against tuition fees doesn't happen overnight. From unions to musicians, politicians
Elfin Emma Watson cast her style-spell over a final fashion collection that Hermione would be proud of, as the designs of
Greece has been my holiday destination for the last 15 years; I love the country and its charming friendly people. I say to the Greek people: You have been treated shabbily by the rest of Europe. You have a beautiful country and proud history; leave the madness of the Eurozone.