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Occupy London were sent packing three years ago, but the Donmar Warehouse is currently home to Temple, a play exploring what St Paul's Cathedral did when protestors set up camp outside their doors. Why put a play about them on now?
Protesters who spent the night near Parliament Square today said they planned to remain outside the Supreme Court until Sunday
Pro-democracy protesters descended on central London tonight as the Occupy movement gathered to set up camp outside Parliament
Standing in the middle of Parliament Square, I watch the October twilight turn the breath of the Superintendent and the Baroness into steam. In the middle of hundreds of protestors with placards like "People, not banks!", the Green member of the House of Lords Jenny Jones is receiving a Pinteresque line of questioning...
At eighteen minutes past six on Sunday evening, as soon as the Sun had set, police closed in to break up a group of peaceful
The calls for banking reform are growing. About time. The big crash was more than five years ago. Since then we've had Libor rate-fixing, bonuses for failed financiers, massive fines for malpractices by leading banks, mis-sold PPI, interest rate swaps, fraud, money-laundering and tax dodging. Scandal after scandal. Are we mugs or masochists? Why do we put up with it? The rot has got to stop.
A protester at the notorious Occupy London camp site on the foot of St Paul's Cathedral today denied twice raping a woman
Almost fifteen months later, with Occupy Sandy, we see dramatic achievements daily, communities empowering themselves, and a truly organic movement becoming more decentralized, more efficient, more focused, and receiving praise from some very unlikely corners.
Four women from the Occupy movement chained themselves to the pulpit in London's St Paul's Cathedral during evensong. The
The mess that became of Finsbury wasn't a failure of Occupy, but of the state; of Cameron and Clegg's ideological austerity. When these people came, they were not turned away. They were welcomed in from a city and state that tried to hide them in ally's, desperate to show the world a shiny façade for the Jubilee and the Olympics.
An eviction is under way to move Occupy London protesters from their seven-month occupation of a square in the capital. The
Eleven people were arrested after a day of protest in London saw anti-capitalists from the Occupy movement pitch tents outside
Anti-capitalism protesters from the Occupy movement have begun a new protest in the City of London. It is part of a global
Police arrested five people after a group of anti-capitalist protesters set up a temporary camp outside the London Stock
Anti-capitalist protesters said they had "fulfilled" a goal when they moved into Paternoster Square, home to the London Stock
Trade unionists, anti-capitalists and public sector cuts protesters are set to stage a series of rallies across the UK to
The Occupy London movement has announced plans to "occupy" the underground transport network on 1 May. On its website Occupy
Over the past couple of weeks I have visited Occupy's Finsbury Square camp several times and each time have returned home disappointed with the pictures and the interviews.
The camp at Finsbury Square seems to have changed a little. Familiar faces are missing, and one rickety shelter I watched being constructed only two weeks or so ago, near the kitchen tent, has been demolished - whether by accident (it was waiting to happen) or design I couldn't establish.
The former canon chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral has found a new position within the Church of England five months after