occupy wall street protest

From London to Toronto, New York to Vancouver, the "Occupiers" of capitalism are facing evictions and other challenges. Clearly, legitimate debates ensue over one's right to protest versus the rights of locals to enjoy their neighborhoods as they normally do.
On November 15 of this year, I read about how the City of London Corporation wishes to evict Occupy London. Hannah Borno intends to resist such efforts. My sympathies are with her.
Demonstrators in London have made camp close to St Paul’s Cathedral following a day of protests that spread around the globe
Police on Saturday prevented anti-capitalist activists from occupying the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Several hundred protesters
Demonstrators have taken to the streets in cities around the globe. Inspired by the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in New
Protests against the global financial system which have seen huge demonstrations in New York's Wall Street are set to spread
In the last week there have been a number of news stories circulating that have once again cast an utterly predictable and equally depressing light on the realities of the current state of play between our government, financial institutions and big businesses who operate on British shores.