Occupy Wall Street

If there's one thing global justice activists have given up on, it's the vote. With citizens losing faith in party politics and Green parties far from power, over the past few decades activists and campaigners have increasingly turned to other tools like lobbying, protesting, occupying, petitioning and direct action.
In a perfect world, everyone's each and every need would be catered for but as we all know, this world is far from perfect. And so we aim to reach a consensus of what is best for most of us (including for "low information, non-city dwelling bigots"). And by doing this, we realise that representation can never be full in its entirety. And polarisation of opinion will always occur.
It's a sad legacy.
Today you can protest as you sip your latte. A Facebook friend may have forwarded you a Change.org petition about something they feel strongly about. Whatever the issue - from saving the Himalayan snow leopard to taxing Top Shop - you enter your name, adding a short comment, if you can spare the time.
Recently, a massive demonstration took place in Jakarta, organised by a group of taxi and three-wheeler drivers. As reported
Artists are the most powerful people in our societies. They influence public opinion. They make culture. The define our reality. Donating money's nice. But if artists want to really make an impact, they need to be on the front lines.
Last year, a fire was started at the Victoria Memorial - close to the gates of Buckingham Palace - and protesters threw glass
Comedian Russell Brand, who appeared at a Huff Post UK event on Monday, last night took his calls for revolution one step
Police in riot gear advance on protesters close to Parliament The event is part of a MillionMaskMarch, with similar protests
The notorious police officer who pepper-sprayed peaceful student protesters from just several feet away has been awarded