Occupy Wall Street

Kandinsky once said, "there is no must in art because art is free," and it is exactly art's lack of cost that so terrifies establishment thought in capitalist societies.
My last drop of cinematic goodwill was about to evaporate forever - prompted, largely, by the arrival of the hulking black hole of a film that is New Years Eve (if you are over 12 and watch more than 30 seconds of that trailer you will start to feel the edges of your soul shrivel and die).
Channel 4 News and its savant, cherished anchor Jon Snow threw out a seasonal challenge yesterday: who changed the world in 2011?
A university is to launch an investigation after a YouTube video showing police using pepper spray to clear student protestors
The excerpts that follow are the comments of 82 year old architect Frank Gehry, interviewed for Wallpaper magazine (Dec 2011 issue), which I just read for the first time in a cafe.
On November 15 of this year, I read about how the City of London Corporation wishes to evict Occupy London. Hannah Borno intends to resist such efforts. My sympathies are with her.
Occupy Wall Street does have a message, even though they may not have found the right messenger yet to articulate it.
The occupation at St Pauls has achieved a huge amount in the space of a month.
A New York City police officer suffered lacerations to his hand at Zuccotti Park during a mass protest. Mayor Michael Bloomberg
More than 170 people were arrested in New York after clashes between protesters and police in Manhattan's financial district