The best comedy is usually an act of extraordinary bravery. When a standup comic gets up in front of a crowd, armed with nothing but a microphone, they're already doing something many of us would be afraid to do. But the truly great comics, the ones who leave their audiences changed in some way, they show their bravery in their material.
On November 15 of this year, I read about how the City of London Corporation wishes to evict Occupy London. Hannah Borno intends to resist such efforts. My sympathies are with her.
When I was a teenager I went to the barricades. Reagan! You whore! Out the door In '84! It was in Pittsburgh, probably late
St Paul's Cathedral could open its doors to the public on Friday, a week after it closed because of anti-capitalist protesters
The global Occupy protests are an organic democratic procedure that has been born out of pure frustration for the current political, media and economic climate. It's more than possible that we are in uncharted territory with history giving us no lessons on how this global movement will conclude.
Demonstrators in London have made camp close to St Paul’s Cathedral following a day of protests that spread around the globe
The Occupy London Stock Exchange protests are underway and progressing peacefully, however, numbers are far lower than organisers
Police on Saturday prevented anti-capitalist activists from occupying the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Several hundred protesters
Demonstrators have taken to the streets in cities around the globe. Inspired by the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in New