Most of the missing are Iranians, all from the tanker.
Suffocating oceans could lead to ecosystem collapse, the study says.
"Hidden beneath the waves, there are creatures beyond our imagination."
Blue Planet II lovers – this one’s for you. And the turtles. And the whales. And you get the picture.
People are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, including the pollution of our oceans. The seas are becoming
At the moment there is limited choice for those who choose plastic-free shopping. Instead we are left with no choice but to purchase our goods encased by copious, and often needless, amounts of plastic.
In 1997, the loudest underwater sound ever recorded was detected by hydrophones set 5,000 miles apart in the Pacific Ocean.
In one week, the Green Party and former Asda boss Andy Clarke have come to the same conclusion: we have to end the use of unnecessary single-use plastics. That perhaps surprising political convergence is a sign of just how far the issue has risen up the agenda.
The reality is not enough is being done by enough businesses. It needs us all to play our part. As an island nation, we are never more than 70 miles from the coast. This could not be more important. Three million people live on the coastline, hundreds of thousands more rely on the ocean for employment and almost every one of us for the food it provides.