Looking back I realised that if I hadn't joined the challenge and stood there at that point in time, I might never have addressed all of the built-up pain and emotion that was eating away inside me. It gave me the safe space I needed to open up and really start healing.
More than half of students' A-level grade predictions are incorrect, according to statistics published on Tuesday, renewing
An examination board found evidence of malpractice at an academy school highly praised by Prime Minister David Cameron, according
An exam board apologised for marking errors that could have affected GCSE and A-level grades after a whistleblower was suspended
A culture of re-sits, bitesize exams and schools drilling pupils to pass tests is leaving many new students floundering at
Education Secretary Michael Gove has called for universities to have a "far greater" role in designing A-levels in the future
Hundreds of students have been caught writing or drawing obscenities, including racist remarks and lewd drawings, on A-level
Around 100,000 students are believed to have been affected by exam blunders, the Press Association has reported. The mistakes