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NSFW RKO!!! The circle of life Palmer Luckey, the inventor behind virtual reality headset Oculus Rift recently featured on
VR's future lies not in the home, but in the workplace. Architecture, engineering and construction firms have all been jumping on the virtual reality bandwagon. Why? Because it improves how we build and make things.
Imagine getting the help you need to build your business without the worry of paying a regular wage. In fact, instead of
Do you, as the media creator, want to create a roller coaster, exciting but the same every time, or almost a choose-your-own-adventure story which your audience will each experience slightly differently to each other and each time?
The weird dystopian future predicted by so many novels and films is finally here, people. If this new sex tech is anything
Oculus has unveiled the final design for its virtual reality headset the Rift. The company has also announced that the Oculus
Assuming that a virtual reality experience will make someone less likely to visit a destination is like saying that after looking at a travel brochure, watching a destination video, or even reading an article by a top travel journalist, you'll sit back and go: "Tick! Done that!"
Neuroscientists from Sweden's Karolinska Institutet have found a way to make us feel invisible, using virtual reality. In
Social media impacts everything we see in the Western world; from the way we shop to how we meet potential dates. There is no longer a divide between online and offline.
Why read about a product? Why not actually touch and feel it? The user experience is about to enter the next frontier. Consumers will expect a far greater 'experience', and that will require the business community to consider how best to use VR.