odd future

US rapper Tyler the Creator has been forced to cancel four dates, including Reading and Leeds festivals, after being banned
Pepsico has been forced to pull an advert after complaints that it was racist and glorified violence against women. The commercial
Rockers Foo Fighters made the last night of the Reading Festival in England one to remember by playing a mammoth 26-song
A musician called Frank Ocean put out a letter via his Tumblr page letting us know his first love was a man he met at the age of 19 and struggled with the feeling being reciprocated. Frank is a 24-year-old black man, who sings about love and life, and is a part of a hip hop collective Odd Future and inevitably a public letter of this nature comes with huge cultural impact.
"It's more personal, we don't take ourselves too seriously on stage," says Syd Tha Kid from music duo The Internet, a spin
There's a chance the name 'Wiley' might not mean anything to you. Or, it rings a faint bell, and there you are remembering Wearing My Rolex. "Not a bad tune that", you think. But otherwise, the stage name of Richard Kylea Cowie might have passed you by.