Office for Fair Access

That way more schools can benefit from willing not press-ganged university partners and there is greater likelihood universities will continue to work in under-represented areas and with schools that require support rather than with those that simply desire support.
Little can recommend the LNAT more than its success at Oxford; a university which prides itself on its fair access measures and whose admissions statistics have been picked apart by those seeking to discredit them. The LNAT has stood up against the toughest test it is likely to ever be subject to, and it has passed with flying colours.
Universities and colleges in England are spending more on trying to help students from low-income households and other under
We've got a serious problem in our higher education system and its scale is not to be underestimated. The uncomfortable fact is that if you are educated at an independent school you are 22 times more likely to study at a highly selective university than your state school counterpart in receipt of 'free school meals'. Oh yes, and this rises to 55 times for Oxbridge.
Vince Cable's decision to appoint Les Ebdon as the chair of the Office for Fair Acess (OFFA) has come under fire from Tory
Would you take on a £27,000 debt for a university education, even with the assurance that you would not pay anything back until you earned over £21,000? Even a more affluent middle-aged person, with children and a mortgage, might take fright at the thought of such a loan.
Over a third of university courses will charge £9,000 a year tuition fees, according to figures from the Office for Fair