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Suicide is now the leading cause of death in adults under 50 in England, and the main cause of death among young people aged
The outcry is nothing new. We've heard all of the tales of doom and gloom before. Yes, there are risks to be aware of about having children later in life, but as I've witnessed from several friends, there can be risks during pregnancy and with childbirth at any age.
High net migration is a reality and - whether we like it or not - this trend will continue in the coming decades. If national and local government accept and prepare for this fact - rather than live in a state of denial - there is much they can do to address local imbalances, pre-empt and alleviate pressures on services, and help ease public concerns.
It looks like there is good news for people out there stuck in the rat race and wondering what it's all about, apparently there is a connection between affluence and happiness. So don't chuck in the day job quite yet then.
Last year more babies were born to mums aged over 35 than to those aged under 25 - for the first time since records began
The cost of basic food and drink in supermarkets may be rising a lot faster than previously thought, with some rising by
An internship can be a crucial learning curve for a student or graduate, bridging the gap between theoretical work and practical application. It is also an investment in the talent of tomorrow, where today's interns can be tomorrow's employers...
Nearly a fifth of British households still have no access to the internet, official figures show. Around 36 million adults
More than seven million adults in the UK have never used the internet, official figures suggest. The data revealed around
The number of people out of work, or unable to work, has fallen, providing a ray of light for chancellor George Osborne. Unemployment