office of national statistics

David Cameron received a ticking-off from the official statistics watchdog today over his claim that the Government was "paying
The noble sentiments which lie behind the Marriage Foundation's own foundation also appear to be a bold attempt to reverse recent trends. A third of marriages which do take place in England and Wales don't last 15 years.
Businesses are in danger of reining in spending if official figures released tomorrow show the UK has lost its battle to
Around one third of babies born this year (35%) are expected reach the age of 100, according to a new report by the Office
After 40 years of decline, marriage is finally back in fashion again with a recent report revealing a 3.7% increase in couples
Nearly 9,000 lives are claimed through excessive alcohol consumption, official figures have revealed. Shocking death toll
There are few words in the English language which generate such a response as 'recession'.
Unemployment is up to 2.64 million in the UK, a 17-year high and an increase of 128,000 in the last three months. The grim
The government has finally published its proposals to measure how happy we are, but somewhere along the road they lost the
Marriages are more likely to end in divorce than civil partnerships to end in dissolution, recent research by the Office