Think the Google office is the coolest workplace you've ever seen? Think again. Beauty fans and makeup obsessives, prepare
As a product person behind some of today's digital technologies, I know that innovation does not happen at one's desk: it happens when there is human contact and interaction. Innovation cannot have a rational approach to how it is conjured because it emerges from chaos theory, for randomness.
Excessively long hours, a willingness to take payment in lieu of annual leave, staff giving up their weekends as a matter of course... something's seriously wrong with this picture. Is there undue pressure on your staff to accept this as the norm?
Does your office allow dogs? Well maybe it should. it's a growing trend in the UK, as employers look for new ways to beat stress, which is the number one cause of employee absence; but it now appears that a dog in the office has other surprising beneficial effects too, such as increased productivity.
Offices can become home to strange collections of objects. Looking at the promo copies, professional samples, desktop detritus
Who can honestly say that they haven't taken time out from a busy working day to play office sports? With the arrival of the Olympics, there's probably not a better time to give it a go with your fellow co-workers.
The bizarre automated desk seems to be an all-in-one robotic secretary without the unreliability and attitude associated