Public register is perhaps too much to ask, but the pressure should be on the introduction of the global private register accessible for the international law enforcement authorities, if we really want to fight corruption. Those countries and territories that refuse to implement the register should face sanctions.
Cutting costs where there seems to be least tangible day-to-day effect is obviously tempting but leaders and senior managers need to pass the stress test on knowing where health and safety - and particularly process safety and asset integrity - sits in this mix.
A recently launched report, Moving Money: International Financial Flows, Taxes, and Money Laundering, has provided a powerful answer to the critics of offshore financial centres, and demonstrated the value of having an open global financial market in helping to boost global trade and economic growth.
With the publication this week of the Government's power sector delivery plan and the imminent release of its long-awaited industrial strategy for offshore wind, now is a good time to reflect on the potential costs and benefits of offshore wind.
This week as the UK basked in the first rays of spring, the economy appeared to be looking towards sunnier times. Forecasts from the British Chambers of Commerce show just enough growth in the last quarter for the UK to avoid falling into a second recession.
Harry Redknapp denied taking offshore bungs as he entered the witness box today, telling Southwark Crown Court: "I have always