ofsted inspections

Are there words that strike fear into a teacher more than "Ofsted is visiting"? Cue sleepless nights producing a week's worth of lesson plans, a rainforest's worth of admin and cross your fingers that little Jonny who fires paper planes from the back of the class, is off with a cold. Then of course, careers hang in the balance and self-esteem is shot if the inspector that sat in your class for half an hour deems your teaching to be unsatisfactory.
Whilst Sir Michael Wilshaw in his address to launch Ofsted's report into early years didn't actually use these exact phrases, I am sure that many of us within the early years were rejoicing that play is clearly being seen as a central ingredient in promoting early years.
From the moment you attend that first job interview, you can often find yourself participating in an elaborate and bizarre form of performance art. 'Why do you want the job?' - they ask. For most people, the answer is relatively simple - 'because I have bills to pay, kids to feed, etc...'
UPDATE: Since posting this article, the video has been removed from YouTube by its user. Yes, yes, it's another 'Downfall
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A positive wellbeing agenda within schools is not only good for pupil's health it is good for having content and happy pupils engaged in the curriculum. Sadly OFSTED no longer inspect for a pupil's wellbeing, instead focusing almost solely on academic performance.
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