Ohio State University

'Putting faith in intuition over evidence leaves us susceptible to misinformation.'
Researchers from Ohio State University have found that people who tend to rely on their ‘gut feelings’ are more likely to
As Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks urged, "Don't feed the trolls". Take it a step further. Don't feed the trolls. Engage them. And see the power that strategic dialogue can have in disrupting extremist movements.
The Ohio State University marching band is, it has to be said, a thing of wonder. Their intricately choreographed routines
If enough people take up the challenge, we might collectively achieve some "crowd-research" which might be useful to those who research the influence of depictions of guns and gun violence. Either way, it might stimulate much-needed debate about the casual normalisation of violence in our society.Whilst we hear much debate about whether gun violence in films or computer games can propel young men or boys (for they are almost always male) to commit mass murder or violence, we rarely hear about the effect of images on film posters.
A compound that can be found in parsley, celery and camomile tea could halt the spread of cancer cells, scientists claim
A Sikh woman whose photo was surreptitiously taken and posted on an online forum in order to mock her facial hair has gained
A tablet costing a mere five pence a day could be the key to stopping deadly cancer tumours developing, recent research published