oil and gas industry

Fourteen oil and gas companies are funding a website that attacks scientists and undermines their work.
Scotland's oil and gas industry has generated well over £300billion for Treasury coffers and it employs over 375,000 people from across the UK. It is an important industry for the north east of Scotland and the national economy, and one that has benefited UK government expenditure for very many years.
The amount of oil found is significant, but not for the reasons touted by UKOG. Assuming there really are 100 billion barrels of oil, if it was all extracted and all of it was burnt, a total 37.5Gt of CO2 would be released. This is roughly equal to one year of current global emissions.
Fracking has unexpectedly widespread backing across the country, with more than three times as many supporting production
Given that these three people have spent years between them working to defend the Peruvian environment and Peruvians' human rights and seen all manner of government, company or others' chicanery, their responses make it clear just how, well, 'terrible', 'incredible' and 'outrageous' the proposed law really is.
Plans to "kill" a gas leak on an offshore platform by pumping mud into it can go ahead, experts have said. A team from operators