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An Unearthed and HuffPost investigation identified at least eight trade associations the companies failed to disclose in transparency reports.
A new batch of documents shows the oil giant had grasped the dangers of burning fossil fuels by the 1980s.
Daniel Day Lewis' Oscar-winning turn in There Will Be Blood was as an oilman who would do just about anything for a good
What job does Vince Cable want? Chancellor? Foreign secretary? Prime minister?... However, documents obtained by Corporate Watch and revealed in The Huffington Post today show that it's Dr Cable's current role as 'Minister for Shell' that should be under question.
More tax breaks designed to bolster investment in North Sea oil and gas were unveiled by George Osborne on Friday. The Chancellor
The government has been accused of "snubbing" hundreds of workers set to lose their jobs at an oil refinery amid calls for
The UK and the US, along with France and Japan, are currently debating the release of their strategic oil reserves. This
Shell said today that it wanted a "speedy resolution" to a compensation dispute with farmers and fishermen after oil spills
The North Sea could still contain more than £1 trillion-worth of oil and gas, energy minister Fergus Ewing has said. Mr Ewing
Why are aid budgets so small? This is a question that gets politically active peoples' hearts racing in most developed countries