Oil Prices

The Scottish National Party has been accused of trying to “con” the Scottish public into voting for independence after figures
A fierce oil price war causing costs to tumble the world over is having some extraordinary effects. While oil producing nations
Exhibitionist more than ever, Wall Street is loudly proclaiming, principally through a painful exercise of financial self
I've covered Davos for a decade and never before have I walked onto the set to such a swarm of breaking news: oil hit a new
It's time for urgent action from the government to wake up to these market forces and what they mean for British consumers, British firms and British industry. We've failed to benefit from the plunge in prices; it's now essential not to be caught out by the rebound...
It's been a rough summer for energy markets: Oil prices crashed, China stuttered, the Federal Reserve dithered and emerging market currencies threatened to fall off a cliff. Energy stocks have tumbled down, reaching a crescendo in late August with an 11% decline in the S&P500 stock index.
From the outside looking in, you would never guess that Iran is a rich country. It's got sky-high unemployment, an atrocious poverty rate and no real economic growth to speak of. But in a matter of months, this cantankerous theocracy is going to turn the global energy market on its head.
With Advertising Week Europe now in full swing, the following six trends highlight why the ad industry is actually in a good place.
Cutting costs where there seems to be least tangible day-to-day effect is obviously tempting but leaders and senior managers need to pass the stress test on knowing where health and safety - and particularly process safety and asset integrity - sits in this mix.
Ed Miliband has accused David Cameron of trying to "magic away" the problems of struggling families by claiming credit for