olafur arnalds

OK stop. Before you read this article, please go onto Spotify and find Olafur Arnaulds. He has an album, This is Winter. Press play and continue. The perfect soundtrack to picture magical Iceland. Elves stories aside, the wonder of this island is undeniable.
It's from this melting pot that you get Kiasmos, a Scandinavian electronica duo comprised of a critically acclaimed electronics producer and one of the worlds most respected contemporary composers.
Set over 1,700 acres of the Cornbury Park estate in Oxfordshire, Mr and Mrs Rotherwick lend their beautiful grounds once a year to the UK's biggest public school alumni gathering - but only the cool kids are invited, the ones that can dance.
The internet can be an unsettling place, a cacophony of lurid headlines, Twitter chitter chatter and LOLcats … when we decide