Old Spice

With so many companies now 'laddering' their thinking to words like 'goodness' or happiness', or pondering their wider societal purpose, it's still worth remembering the value of a good ol' fashion (post-modern) sell.
Momsong, a new advert for Old Spice, has taken America by storm after premiering on TV during the NFL playoffs. Want to know
There is such a build up to that emotional moment when fathers give away their daughter's hand on her wedding day, that we've
We need to redefine the very notion of what 'taking a risk' or 'being brave' actually constitutes. Indeed, you can argue that brands need to get things wrong from time to time in order to learn, a hypothesis brilliantly laid out by Tim Harford in his book 'Adapt - why success must begin with failure'.
When it comes to video production, advertising, marketing and branding there are certain tropes and ideas that tend to get banded around and eventually overused. Much like in the fashion industry when an idea can be so good and so attention grabbing that it will be lifted from obscurity and the alternative into the moronic ubiquity of the mainstream.
Men are fast catching up with women when it comes to how much they spend on looking good, according to a poll. Women spend
Right, what's going on here then? Well, it's a new Old Spice ad featuring super-fit actor Terry Crews, who's treating us
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