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Apart from health reasons, another motivation to lose weight is that for older women, it can improve your memory. A new study
Older women are barely visible on TV because of a "combination of ageism and sexism", it has been claimed. New figures released
The wine bar across the road is not one I have frequented during the day, at night it's loud, expensive and trendy, not my scene at all but I'm not here to review the bars and pubs of Essex. I'm here to study the growing number of cougars in Essex.
When do you stop being 'edgy'? Is there an age limit on the 'cool' franchise? Once you've past the threshold of 50, society is already preparing you for a cosy fire, fluffy slippers, daytime TV and the hot cocoa of retirement!
It is so often the case in relationships for a man to leave you for a younger woman. It's so common in today's day and age (no pun intended) that it doesn't even come as a surprise. The real shocker though, is when he tells you he's leaving you for an older woman.
There is a new generation of active older women who have led very different lives from their mothers. Now in their 50s and 60s, they are the first generation of women to have been "doing it all". They have worked, as well as bringing up children. They've got educational qualifications and then when their children leave home, these women regard themselves as being into their stride and in their prime.
The husband of a DJ who had an affair with teenage singer Harry Styles has blamed the One Direction star for the fling. DJ
According to a recent article in Arthritis Care & Research, one-third of US adults with arthritis, over the age of 45, report
There are not enough older women on TV, the head of the BBC has admitted. Mark Thompson, director-general of the BBC, said
US scientists have discovered a link between TV watching and depression in older women. The study of 5,000 women by Harvard