olive oil

The most essential ingredient is in the dressing.
Sally explores the world of olive oil, taking a look at the research behind its benefits and whether it really is as healthy
Many people use coconut oil because it is really popular. Recently, as a nutritionist, I have been asked a lot about the health benefits of different oils. Promotion of potential benefits of different oils has increased as customers respond to the growing range of oil options. However, coconut oil and olive oil are still the most popular oils.
Thanks to its optimal climate, fertile land and skilled workers, Tuscany produces some of the most exquisite olive oil in the world, with the regions of Lucca and Chianti especially lauded for their extra virgin olive oil.
Beauty products, from pricy conditioners to crazy expensive face scrubs, can make you weep with the cost. On a mission to tone down my monthly spends, I tried DIY-ing the stuff from things you'd usually eat - and now I'm a convert.
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Heart failure affects about 900,000 people in the UK, but treating the condition could be as simple as changing one of your
I regularly enjoy steamed foods with liberal amounts of healthy fat applied post-cooking. My primary fat sources include coconut, butter, olive oil, avocados, and full-fat fermented dairy (yogurt and kefir). In my opinion, smoke point proclamations give the impression that refined PUFAs are safe and omega-6-rich diets are healthy. The science suggests otherwise.
For years my sister has been telling me to try this skincare secret but it just sounded disgusting and not something I was prepared to try! Last week, she gave me a full demonstration and the results were too impressive to ignore any longer...
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