olympic gold medalist

For those of you who do not follow boxing regularly and haven't heard of Anthony Joshua, I guarantee that in the very near future everyone in the UK will know who this man is. He follows in the footsteps of the great British boxers that we seem to produce every 20 years or so.
As an ex-teacher and parent, I have been saddened to hear that a large number of young people today have no ambition or lack self-confidence, as reported by their own parents and school teachers. As an Olympic gold medalist, I know that a way to gain ambition and confidence is to set yourself challenging goals.
Winning the Gold Medal in the Olympics appears a pinnacle in any elite athlete's career, but physical fitness or technical skill may not, in fact, be the crucial factor. Increasingly sports scientists are becoming convinced that it's grit and determination, resilience and desire, which separates winners from losers.