olympic legacy

Research has shown 13% of organisations in the capital adopted a more flexible approach to working during the Olympic Games. This was largely welcomed, with 77% of workers saying they were in favour of the measures.
On Tuesday, Parliament granted time to debate an important issue that a growing number of constituents across the UK have been urging policy-makers to re-assess - the high cost of Air Passenger Duty (APD).
As the last of the bunting is swept up and empty bottles gathered for recycling, thoughts inevitably turn towards The Legacy. Legacy was a cornerstone of our bid, and up until that opening scene of the opening ceremony had only really ever been contemplated in terms of the sporting legacy. "Good sport make good people do good sport..."
It is just over a week since the greatest show on earth left London town with the promise of inspiration, perspiration and a fitter nation. Well, if the British kid I witnessed in an airport in Spain when returning to Luton at the weekend is anything to go by then it will take more than a 'MoBot' to sort this out.
We welcomed the Olympics in Tower Hamlets, despite our concerns about its over commercialisation.
The government has been criticised after ministers relaxed the rules that set out the minimum amount of outdoor space schools
With over a billion pairs of eyes looking on, our country impressed the world. London's transport swiftly and safely carried over a million people around the capital each day. 70,000 volunteers greeted Olympic visitors with enthusiasm and kindness. The British capital, and the British people, came alive in a way not seen in recent history.
Work hard with the talent you've been given, don't let failure set you back, strive to be the best version of yourself that you can possible be - those are the lessons, that's the inspiration, that I'm taking away from these Games, its incredible Olympians, and all those who made it happen.
David Cameron has said Britain showed it could deliver in hosting the 2012 Olympics as he pledged to make sure the impact
Of course there will be people who argue we must turn London into a temporary prison so the 2012 games can be the best ever. To them I give this quote from the great Benjamin Franklin: "He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security."