Olympic opening ceremony

Let the Games begin. Sochi 2014 is open for business - or not as far as one Olympic ring was concerned - and the spectators
A stuntman who starred in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics has been killed in an accident. Mark Sutton, who
This summer we gasped as 7,500 volunteers performed simultaneously to create Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony. Meanwhile
Danny Boyle's triumphant Olympic opening ceremony has been hailed as one of the most inspiring TV moments of all time second
One of the highlights of the Olympics – before any competitors had stripped down to their athletics gear – was the sight
Welcome to all Huffington Post readers. London 2012 has been a blast, but after a little more than two weeks it's time to
One of the best bits of last week's Olympics opening ceremony was the homage to Britain's musical heritage. The medley included, among a whole array of musical greats, the Beatles, the Sex Pistols, T-Rex, Bowie and quite rightly, some electro synth-pop too - OMD and New Order. Fab. Beijing may have had super-bendy acrobats, but come on, for coolness, Britain gets gold.
The choir was founded on a shoestring and has been run on a shoestring ever since. A week since the opening ceremony, a wave of public interest has engulfed them.
A central part in the £27-million Olympic Opening Ceremony extravaganza, his tunes played to a billion people around the
We're raising our goblets and sending sparks from our wands in celebration of JK Rowling's birthday - yes, the woman who