Olympic Sponsors

Two-thirds of the Olympic organising committee's £2bn operating budget has been raised through sponsorship. This means we
Hello my name is Laura and I am a reformed cakeoholic. I absolutely adore cake. Homemade, sticky, stodgy, sweet, delicious, naughty, full of raisins lardy cake has always been an deep guilty pleasure. It takes great willpower to stay away from the cake counter in tea shops and for me to utter the words 'Just a herbal tea for me please'.
Over the seven years I have been chair of the Commission I have met a wide variety of people from NGOs and also most of the corporate sponsors to talk about issues related to the sustainability of the Games and its legacy.
Corporate sponsorship is effectively paying for the Olympic Games. But are the sponsors truly capitalising on the exposure?
Having been scared half out of my mind last Saturday night when Johnson's voice came booming out of the bus shelter I was sitting in at midnight, I'm probably not the only one looking forward to the Games being over. If nothing else, it should take him off our front pages and back into City Hall or, at the very least, the presenting chair of Have I Got News For You, where you can rely on Ian Hislop to keep him in his place. You yearned to see Hislop pop up in the aforementioned Proctor & Gamble salon with some sharp quip to de-cheese the moment.
Visa is at the centre of an Olympics access to cash row after replacing 27 ATMs at various Games sites with just eight that
As the opening ceremony approaches, a steady drip of 'sweatshop' and 'forced labour' allegations over poor conditions for workers manufacturing official Olympics merchandise have emerged.