Olympic Swimming

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Target: RIO 2016 Paralympic Games IsosHealth speaks with Paralympic and World Championship swimmer Matt Levy Matt is a true
At the Olympics, Great Britain only managed to win three medals, one Silver and two Bronze, falling short of the medal target of five to seven. However, at the Commonwealth Games the Home Nations have managed to rack up a staggering 45 medals, with 15 of them being Gold.
For me, another area of interest will be looking at how certain athletes handle the pressure of the Games. There are a number of people who are coming into the competition with huge expectations to perform well.
Team GB will aim to get back into the winning habit after a rare gold medal-free day. Among the main contenders for a podium
It's one of the most graceful sports at the Olympic Games - divers spin through the air with grace and poise, tumbling into
Britain won silver in the 200m breaststroke final on Wednesday night, completing a stellar fifth day for the Great Britain
A row over the surprising performance of Chinese Olympic swimmer Ye Shiwen has descended into a diplomatic tit-for-tat between
UPDATE: On Monday evening, Dorset Police confirmed that they "are aware of the issue" surrounding the Twitter abuse of Tom
It's turning into the story of the London Olympics for Team GB. After three days of brutal competition, Britain's sporting
A lightning-speed swim by a teenage Chinese swimmer has caused some raised eyebrows from some coaches and commentators, bemused
For years the BBC's voice of swimming was the unfortunately named Hamilton Bland, whose TV career ended in controversy in the late 90s. There's nothing bland about his successors, former Olympians Adrian Moorhouse and Andy Jameson, who sounded as though they'd swallowed several gallons of Red Bull as they jabbered their way through last night's pool action at London 2012.
An Australian swimmer who will compete in the London 2012 Olympics has Tweeted a photograph of herself in a racy bikini. Stephanie