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Here I go... I'm Conrad Williams, British 400m and 4x400m track & field athlete. As a late bloomer I started athletics at the age of 20. Before that I was just playing a bit of football and basketball, until one day walking through the park I saw the running track in my local area of Lewisham. It wasn't long until I joined my local club, Kent AC.
2020 may seem a long way off now, but you never know what talent your son or daughter may be harboring and what opportunities may arise. Why not go to the National Paralympic Day event in London, and give a Paralympic sport a try? It could be a momentous moment.
Horse-riding can be accessible to anyone and everyone. In addition to the pleasure it brings, there's also a strong element of physical and mental therapy being around horses. They make you feel calmer. The Riding for the Disabled Association is a charity that's close to my heart and I try to help as much as I can. The organisation gives people with limited movement the opportunity to feel full movement on a horse. It gives children with disabilities access to therapeutic interaction with horses in a safe and supportive environment.
For one joyful summer we wrapped ourselves in Team GB's Union Jack, stylishly redesigned by Stella McCartney . Of course it is a beacon of hope when that flag is worn to celebrate athletes whatever their colour, faith or gender, Olympian or Paralympian .
My highest maths qualification is a GCSE and, like most people, I walked out of my final exam thinking that I wouldn't need most of the information I'd had to cram into my brain over the previous weeks and months. Little did I realise that this would be one of the most important subjects for my future career and success.
Six-time Paralympic gold medallist David Weir launched an academy today to help the elite athletes of the future. The Weir
Objects such as the Olympic torch, competitor kit and costumes contribute to the display. This includes Tom Daley's swim trunks and Beth Tweddle's gymnastics kit, as well as over 60 ensembles worn at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics and Paralympics; from punk heads to policemen and NHS nurses to Mary Poppins.
The Olympic legacy promised in the aftermath of London 2012 was dealt another blow on Friday night as Sheffield Council voted
UPDATE: 'Banned Steroids Found In Oscar Pistorius's Home' After Fatal Shooting Murkier details have emerged over the death
Oscar Pistorius is "numb with shock" over the shooting death of his girlfriend, the athlete's uncle said today. The death