olympics security

A Syrian general with links to President Bashar Assad's regime has declared his determination to come to Britain for the
Surface-to-air missiles could be deployed at six sites across London during the Olympics, the Ministry of Defence said on
The Army is to station soldiers and high velocity surface-to-air missiles on top of a block of residential flats to ward
An analysis of the 'lone wolf' phenomenon suggests that to describe all such individuals as merely 'idiots', is to grossly underestimate what you might be dealing with.
The London 2012 Olympics will see more than two thousand military personnel called out to work as part of the security force
Security firm G4S has received 34,000 applications for 10,0000 security jobs at the London 2012 Olympic Games. So far 20,000
Fresh security concerns have hit the London 2012 Olympics after sniffer dogs failed to detect 20 kilos of explosives during