"I have ‘Olympic Fever’, but half the country denies it even exists."
Simone Manuel, a Tokyo bronze medalist, vented on social media about interviews.
Knitting can boost your physical and mental health – and give you a great new cardie.
People think the Australian actor has a medal-winning doppelgänger at the Olympics.
"You may never see anything like it again," an announcer said.
The diver was spotted knitting the Tokyo 2020 momento in the crowd of a diving event earlier this week.
"Age alone is not an insurmountable barrier to excellence."
The heptathlete withdrew from the Games after a painful injury returned during a 200m sprint.
A video of the Olympic champion is going viral on TikTok.
Misugu Okamoto was short of a medal, but wasn't short of friends.
The Olympic gold medalist's family had kept it secret that they would be waiting for him at arrivals.
Runner Keely Hodgkinson, 19, also broke a longstanding British record.
Olympic gold medalists Adam Peaty, Tom Dean and James Guy are looking forward to getting back to some creature comforts.
Female athletes are competing on their own terms – and it'll help women around the world.
The star, whose personal struggles seized the world's attention, tied for the most medals won by a US gymnast.
Danish rider Frederik Madsen swore loudly after crashing into Great Britain’s Charlie Tanfield.
To prevent the spread of Covid, Olympic officials are presenting medals on a tray – so athletes have taken matters into their own hands.